Results and customer satisfaction are the key to recognition.

Tourism’s power role

in the economy

December 2019 / News


In this publication, Margarida Almeida gives her opinion on how Tourism became one of the key elements for economic growth and that we need to take advantage of having an outstanding country with cultural and natural beauty.

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Margarida’s spotlight in Expresso “Altos e Baixos”

November 2019 / News


“Being considered the best in the world by your peers is certainly a reason to be proud of in any area of activity. To win this title two years in a row already sounds promising. That is what happened this week to Margarida Almeida, who saw her company – Amazing Evolution” distinguished, once again, now in Omã, with the World’s Leading Boutique Hotel Operator 2019 award, the best boutique hotel manager on a global scale. The award was presented at the 26th World Travel Awards Gala.

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World’s Leading Boutique Hotel Operator 2019

November 2019 / News


“Naturally, this distinction would not be possible without the dedication of the entire Amazing Evolution team and all the operational teams with whom we work daily. Amazing is a company that works more and more transversally across different areas, which allows us to give the best support to our partners at all levels. 2019 was a year of great growth for Amazing Evolution and this success is also due to the national and international recognition we have achieved as a consequence of the excellent results we have been able to reach”, says Margarida

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Europe’s Leading Boutique Hotel Operator 2019

June 2019 / News


The “1908 Lisboa Hotel” and the “Conrad Algarve”, two hotel units under the management of Amazing, were also awarded at the 26th European gala of the World Travel Awards. The 26th European gala took place last June 8th at the Belmond Reid’s Palace in Madeira.

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The inspiring path of Margarida Almeida

May 2019 / News


In this publication, you will learn about Margarida’s job, how she became passionate about hospitality, as well as what are her motivations and how her struggles defined her.

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World’s Leading Boutique Hotel Operator 2018

December 2018 / News


“She’s Portuguese, turns bad hotels into great ones, and she’s the best in the World.” This is the headline in Expresso Magazine. They mention Amazing Evolution as a case-study in the asset management business of hotels in desperate times.

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June 2018 / News


The hotel asset management business is not exactly new. It had its boom with the economic crisis that devastated the country and the world, but if the troubled times are behind us, the same cannot be said of these companies.

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Abril 2018 / News


This month’s edition makes the cover with Amazing Evolution. The company restructured itself and now presents four business areas. Read the interview with Margarida Almeida, CEO,

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