Land of Alandroal

Pure Land,

Genuine Alentejo


Land of Alandroal generates and promotes intimacy and connection with the land and its people, with the calm and plenitude of untouched landscapes and it’s a project that genuinely loves the Alentejo, in all its extreme purity. It is, by nature, intimate, reserved and seductive. If all this also speaks to your heart, come and discover the unique Land of Alandroal, a chosen and exclusive place, designed as a retreat and where everyone is invited to be as they are, as pure and genuine as any other natural element. . Only for lovers, indeed!



This is a magical place, which speaks in our ears about things it has experienced and witnessed, in the wild silence of the purest and most solitary Alentejo.



An impressive arrival, a faithful portrait of the past, moderately decorated with the charm and contemporaneity of new perspectives and new architectural daring, but proudly framed in rigorous respect and admiration for the original structure.

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